Velpar L VU


Velpar L VU

Product Overview

Selectively controls tough brush in range and pastures as a spot treatment, and helps manage smutgrass in bermudgrass pastures as a broadcast spray.

Velpar® L VU is a broad-spectrum, effective herbicide that handles two major range and pasture problems. Use as a spot treatment for tough invasive brush in range and pastures. Use as a broadcast spray applied with water to manage smutgrass in bermudgrass pastures.

Key Benefits

For selective spot treatment brush control as an IPT (individual plant treatment):
  • Applied undiluted with a Velpar L Spotgun to treat unwanted brush
  • Broad spectrum
  • Can be used straight out of the container (undiluted) and through an exact delivery handgun (SpotGun)
Always plan ahead and stay away from species that you do not want to control, always wash out containers or SpotGun away from desirable trees or vegetation.

For smutgrass control:
  • Recommended for control of smutgrass and other broadleaf weeds in established stands of bermudagrass and/or bahiagrass.
  • Applied as a post-emergent spray during the growing season, and works best when rainfall can be received within a week after application.
  • Apply in water without fertilizer or surfactants as Velpar L is taken up primarily through the root system.
  • Multiple year treatment will provide the best long-term results on this tough and invasive grass.

Use & Control

Weeds Controlled

Huisache, juniper species (cedar), lotebush, mesquite, oaks and elms, asage orange (Bois D Arc), persimmon and more

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.

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