Product Overview

Broad-spectrum, selective weed and grass control for use in bermudagrass pastures and hayfields.

Pastora® herbicide provides control or suppression of sandbur, johnsongrass, and bahiagrass as well as 26 other grasses in bermudagrass pastures and hayfields. Pastora helps hay and forage producers grow high-value, weed-free bermudagrass. It controls a broad-spectrum of undesirable grasses and broadleaf weeds that can easily lower hay value. This control leads to higher quality forage that horse and cattle producers demand in their #1 bermudagrass hay.

Key Benefits

  • Provides winter annual grass and weed control to ensure a quality first cutting
  • Controls key perennial grasses and emerged summer annual weeds and grasses, allowing for more high-quality hay cuttings
  • Applications can be made early season or after cuttings to help control any escaped weeds or grasses
  • Controls or suppresses over 25 grasses and 100 broadleaf weeds that are or can become a problem to hay producers
  • Can also be used as an effective spot-treatment

Use & Control

Weeds Controlled

Broadleaf weeds: Crotons, henbit, pigweed, sneezeweed, Texas groundsel, thistle complex and more
Grassy weeds: Bahiagrass, barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, crabgrass*, foxtails (bristly, giant, green, yellow), goosegrass*, itchgrass, johnsongrass, sandbur/grassbur, ryegrass (non ALS resistant), and more

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.

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