Long-lasting cheatgrass protection

Rejuvra Herbicide

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Long-lasting cheatgrass protection for up to 4 years.

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Return your land to its full potential with the long-lasting Rejuvra® herbicide. Unlike other products, Rejuvra stops cheatgrass for up to 4 years. With Rejuvra, you can transform undesirable grasses into nutritious forage.

See how Rejuvra can stop cheatgrass and increase your grazing capacity. And sign up for our trial-use program to save $500 on your first purchase.

Stop the Cycle of Cheatgrass

Unlike other products, Rejuvra herbicide attacks cheatgrass with a next-generation approach that breaks the cycle of germination and future seed production. Discover the science of Rejuvra.

Return Your Land to Its Full Potential

One application of Rejuvra can stop cheatgrass before it emerges and provide up to four years of protection. See how Rejuvra can bring a strong return to healthy rangelands.

Rejuvra Herbicide
Rejuvra Herbicide
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Rejuvra Herbicide
Rejuvra Herbicide
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