Economic Advantages of Rejuvra Herbicide

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Rejuvra Increases Forage Quality and Production

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Rejuvra works to selectively control production-robbing annual grasses, helping to maximize the forage productivity and profitability of grazed rangeland. Because more than 80 percent of beef cattle’s diet consists of grazing or cellulosic forage, optimal grazing efficiency and economic profitability are achieved by targeting invasive annual grasses.

Forage yield and quality are key objectives for rangeland restoration improvement, and areas treated with Rejuvra have demonstrated a two-to-five times increase in perennial grass production compared to non-treated areas. This not only results in improved forage quality and yield, but overall improvement of livestock efficiency of the forage consumed.

Ranches perform most profitably when cattle graze on rangelands for as many days as possible, providing the lowest cost per pound of gain. This enables ranchers to produce more pounds of beef per acre which has an overarching positive effect on the economic bottom-line, long-term ranch sustainability and the overall economic health of the livestock industry


Rejuvra Treatment


Rejuvra Enhances Rangeland Performance

Rangelands dominated by invasive annual grasses are in a constant state of drought because they use up all the moisture and nutrients before they can be used by desirable perennial forage grasses. The key to optimizing desirable forage grasses and forbs is to eliminate the highly competitive invasive annual grasses that steal these crucial resources.

In many places, winter annual grasses grow rapidly in late winter and early spring, utilizing available resources before desirable perennials break dormancy. With Rejvura, forage grasses can finally escape the extensive competition and drought-like conditions.

When invasive winter annuals are removed, the result is rangelands dominated by rooted grasses which stay greener longer and generally provide higher protein in forages longer into the summer.

Rejuvra Herbicide
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Rejuvra Herbicide
Rejuvra Herbicide
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