Escort XP


Escort XP

Product Overview

While other herbicides require pounds or gallons of product to do the job, Escort® XP offers better control using only a few ounces.

Primarily used as a post-emergent herbicide across the United States, Escort XP cost-effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds, plus tough woody plants. Selective to many grasses, Escort XP is known for its low use rates and flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Applied at a low use rate – reducing the chemical load on treated acres without compromising weed control
  • No grazing restrictions when used at labeled rates
  • Dry flowable process – offers better solubility in the tank and more uniform spray coverage
  • Less mess – little to no dust
  • Selective – will not harm many desirable grasses
  • Flexible – can be tank-mixed and custom blended to broaden the weed control spectrum
  • Effects may be seen within 2-4 weeks
  • Not a federally restricted-use pesticide

Use & Control

Weeds, Vines and Brush Controlled

Weeds: Annual sowthistle, chicory, dandelion and more
Weeds and vines: Blackberry, curly dock, dewberry, knapweed, kudzu, multiflora rose, sericea lespedeza, thistles, wild parsnip and more
Brush: Ailanthus, ash, black locust, eastern red cedar, elm, willow and more

Always read and follow label instructions. See the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.

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