Esplanade F


Esplanade F

Product Overview

ESPLANADE F HERBICIDE is a selective, preemergent, herbicide for control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in conifer and hardwood production areas. It controls weeds by reducing the emergence of seedlings through inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis (CB inhibitor).

ESPLANADE F HERBICIDE can be applied to terrestrial conifer and hardwood production areas that contain areas of casual water of a temporary nature as a result of surface water collecting in equipment wheel ruts or in other depressions created by management activities. For maximum activity against germinating weeds, Esplanade F Herbicides requires rainfall (minimum 0.25 inches) within several weeks after application to activate the herbicide. Esplanade F Herbicide has minimal post-emergent activity and generally does not control weeds that have emerged. A labeled post-emergent herbicide may be mixed with Esplanade F Herbicide to control existing weeds. Esplanade F Herbicide does not control tubers, rhizomes, and woody vegetation. Weed control activity may be reduced if the application is made to soil covered in heavy crop or weed debris that prevent a uniform distribution of the product reaching the soil.

Conifers that can be treated with ESPLANADE F HERBICIDE include loblolly pine, longleaf pine, ponderosa pine, shortleaf pine, slash pine, sugar pine, Virginia pine, coast redwood and Douglas fir.

Use & Control

Foxtail Brome, Medusahead, annual Sedge, Henbit, Yellow Starthistle, Crabgrass, Canada Thistle, Curly Dock (seedlings), Buckhorn Plantain, Russian Thistle, Redstem Filaree

Please see the product label for a full list of weeds controlled. Do not use on crops.
Always read and follow label instructions. .

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