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Fall-Based, Selective Weed Program

Find out how a fall-based, selective weed program can reduce costs, risks and the need to mow.

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Implementing a fall application of Esplanade® 200 SC and Method® 240SL, in combination with a spring/summer herbicide application of Derigo® and Method 240SL, delivers a management program that can lead to reduced mowings, minimized maintenance costs and improved driver visibility and safety for a longer period of time.
Esplanade + Method + Glyphosate

Esplanade + Method + Glyphosate
(late winter application)

Esplanade + Method (fall) + Derigo

Esplanade + Method (fall) + Derigo
(summer application)

Fall Based Chart

Feedback from the Field

See what our customers are saying about how a fall herbicide program can reduce costs, risks and the need to mow.

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Solutions for your roadside herbicide program

// Esplanade® 200 SC

A preemergence herbicide that features a unique mode of action providing effective, long-lasting control.

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// Method® 240SL

A flexible and foundational herbicide for difficult to control broadleaf and brush species.

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// Derigo®

A broad-spectrum, postemergence herbicide that provides an ideal solution for postemergence weed control and plant growth regulation.

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