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Marengo G

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Product Overview

Nothing lasts longer.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 8 months of selective, preemergence weed control reduces labor and eliminates repeat applications
  • Labeled for use on over 115 ornamental crops
  • Broad-spectrum control of over 70 different weeds means fewer escapes and fewer cleanup applications
  • Effective on hard-to-control weeds such as eclipta, bittercress, groundsel, oxalis, marestail, spurge, crabgrass and annual bluegrass
  • Spring or fall application flexibility to meet unique grower needs
  • Verge® carrier provides uniform, virtually dust-free particle distribution

Product News

Take advantage of special savings on Marengo during the Marengo Fall Program, which runs September 1 - October 31, 2021.

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Can I use Marengo G on a wide variety of plants?

Yes, Marengo G is labeled for use on over 115 ornamental plants.

Where can Marengo G be applied?

Marengo G can be applied in production nurseries including field-grown and container ornamentals, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, ornamental production facilities (such as shadehouses, lathhouses and hoophouses) and hardscapes.

What is the re-entry interval (REI) when using Marengo G?

The REI for Marengo G is 12 hours post-application.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when using Marengo G?

Long-sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes plus socks are required.

How quickly does it work?

Marengo G will begin to work once it has been activated by rainfall or irrigation.

How long will the effects last?

Marengo G can last for up to 8 months, depending upon environmental conditions and timing of application.

Do I need to rotate Marengo G with other preemergence herbicides?

As part of best management practices and resistance management, it is recommended to rotate Marengo G with other classes of chemistry, such as Ronstar® G.

How does Marengo G fit into a weed management program?

Marengo G is the longest-lasting nursery herbicide that provides broad-spectrum weed control, including control of some of the toughest nursery weeds. Marengo G can be applied to a wide range of ornamentals with the convenience of an outstanding carrier.

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