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Ornamentals Insecticide Portfolio

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Bayer proudly offers a full portfolio of insecticides. Proven performers like Altus, Kontos and Savate protect plants and stop damaging insects. No matter the pest, Bayer has an insecticide greenhouse and nursery growers can count on to help keep plants beautiful and profits blooming.

Altus 64 oz Bottle Product Package

Altus® insecticide provides flexible and long-lasting control against insects, including aphids and whiteflies in bedding plants. As the most economical non-neonic insecticide for drench applications on the market, Altus is a great fit for any integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Kontos 250 mL Bottle Product Package

Kontos® insecticide offers highly effective control of sucking pests with true systemic activity in the plant xylem and phloem. With up to 30 days of insect control, it is an ideal tool for use in IPM programs and is a great rotational partner.

Savate 240 mL Bottle Product Package

Savate® insecticide provides excellent knockdown and residual control of all stages of mites and whiteflies, including eggs and immature stages. With up to 30 days of residual control and minimal risk for many beneficial insect species when used as directed, its unique mode of action is ideal for rotation and IPM programs.