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Specticle FLO Lawn Success Stories

Specticle FLO Lawn Success Stories

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When it comes to keeping most types of warm season turf looking beautiful, lawn care operators can count on Specticle® FLO. It’s been proven to provide superior preemergence control of the most troublesome weeds. Specticle also provides postemergence control of crabgrass seedlings, so you’re covered, even if you apply a little late. Specticle FLO provides extended broad-spectrum control of key grassy weeds, such as annual bluegrass (poa annua), and more than 60 broadleaf weeds. See why lawn care operators trust Specticle FLO to give them the results they need to run a successful business and the beauty of a pristine lawn that customers demand.

Now you can also compare real costs and compare any herbicide to maximize your investment. Try our Specticle FLO cost-in-use calculator and see side-by-side numbers so you can plan ahead.

Specticle FLO for Weed Management in St. Augustinegrass

Prolong weed control, increase profitability, and spend less time creating lawns they’ll love
Specticle FLO is a preemergence herbicide that is tough on weeds yet gentle on St. Augustinegrass*. It controls the hard-to-control weeds like doveweed, chamberbitter, and spurge, while also providing excellent control on a broad-spectrum of more than 90 grassy, broadleaf weeds, and annual sedges. And because it offers prolonged control, it means you’ll be spending less time giving your customers a lawn they’ll love.
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Key Strengths

// Prolonged control of common weeds, including goosegrass, crabgrass and Florida pusley

// Controls over 90 weeds, including difficult weeds like doveweed, spurge and chamberbitter

// Long residual and broad spectrum

// Non-staining formulation with low odor

// No EPA signal word

// Labeled for home and commercial lawns, sports fields, cemeteries, landscape ornamentals, and hardscapes.

St Augustinegrass
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St. Augustinegrass & Specticle FLO

St. Augustinegrass is a common turf type in Florida, Texas, and other areas in the Southeast U.S. While its tolerance to heat, ability to form dense turf, and relatively good salt tolerance make it a great choice for coastal lawns, St. Augustinegrass is very susceptible to weed infestation.

It can also be sensitive to herbicides. Two applications of Specticle FLO at a rate of 3.5 ounces/acre will give you the tough weed control you need while preserving the health of the turf.

Why “cheaper” products actually cost you more

Lawn care professionals have limited preemergence or postemergence herbicide options to manage weed issues. Many preemergence herbicides do not adequately control a number of the hard-to-control weeds like doveweed, chamberbitter, and spurge. And postemergence herbicides can require repeated applications for control. While some options are less expensive up front, they ultimately cost more in the long run because they require more visits and more herbicide applications to get the job done right. Using Specticle FLO improves weed control, which reduces callbacks, improves customer retention, and ultimately increases profitability.
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With Specticle FLO, the only thing growing like a weed is your bottom line.

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