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Specticle FLO Lawn Success Stories

Specticle FLO Lawn Success Stories

When it comes to keeping most types of warm season turf looking beautiful, lawn care operators can count on Specticle® FLO. It’s been proven to provide superior preemergence control of the most troublesome weeds. Specticle also provides postemergence control of crabgrass seedlings, so you’re covered, even if you apply a little late. Specticle FLO provides extended broad-spectrum control of key grassy weeds, such as annual bluegrass (poa annua), and more than 60 broadleaf weeds. See why lawn care operators trust Specticle FLO to give them the results they need to run a successful business and the beauty of a pristine lawn that customers demand.

Now you can also compare real costs and compare any herbicide to maximize your investment. Try our Specticle FLO cost-in-use calculator and see side-by-side numbers so you can plan ahead.

Specticle FLO on St. Augustinegrass

Specticle FLO gives you a better way to control weeds in St. Augustinegrass lawns.

Specticle® FLO is a preemergence herbicide known for providing consistent, long-lasting control of troublesome weeds. But did you know Specticle FLO is a great choice for weed control in St. Augustinegrass?

St. Augustinegrass is a sensitive turf, and the sandy soil in which it grows doesn’t retain nutrition like other types of soils. Plus, because of its warmer climate, St. Augustinegrass rarely goes completely dormant. All of these factors put St. Augustinegrass at high risk for weeds. That’s where Specticle FLO comes in.

The chemical class controls weeds that are known to be resistant to other herbicides. The low use rate means a single bottle covers a lot of turf – over 18 acres* of St. Augustinegrass. Plus, it offers additional benefits that may not show up on a calculator. Specticle FLO turns the cost of treating St. Augustinegrass into an investment in your future.

*Two applications at 3.5 oz./acre each are recommended for St. Augustinegrass.

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Get broad-spectrum control of 75 grassy and broadleaf weeds.

A split application of Specticle FLO in spring controls key weeds such as:

  • Dollarweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Florida pusley
  • Annual sedges
  • Plus get extended residual control of Poa annua compared to other preemergence herbicides
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Improve your business and simplify your budget.

The benefits of Specticle FLO:

  • Longevity that reduces follow-up applications compared to other preemergence products
  • Prolonged weed control which reduces callbacks, improves customer retention and increases profitability
  • Reduction in repeat applications decreases labor, fuel and product costs
  • No signal word required by the EPA
  • Low use rates
  • Tank-mix friendly with other selective herbicides

Increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Specticle FLO can help your business stand out, because it:

  • Is non-staining and low-odor – so you don’t have to worry about overspray turning sidewalks, foundations, or your clothing, yellow
  • Uses up to 40x less active ingredient than other preemergence products – resulting in less herbicide in the environment
  • Helps St. Augustinegrass win the battle for water and nutrients the turf needs to thrive, making it easier to keep it green and healthy.
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With Specticle FLO, the only thing growing like a weed is your bottom line.

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