We have the solutions you need to solve your toughest weed challenges.

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With the broad-spectrum weed control and residual benefits of the Bayer herbicide product line-up, weeds may have a tough time growing, but your business won’t.

Count on Bayer professional lawn & landscape herbicides to provide outstanding preemergence, postemergence and nonselective control of weedy broadleaves, grasses and sedges.


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We have the Solutions you need to solve your toughest weed challenges.

Bayer Celsius WG

Effective on hard-to-control weeds

Celsius® offers one of the broadest spectrums of postemergence weed control on the market. It handles over 150 broadleaf and grassy weeds, including troublesome dollarweed, Virginia buttonweed, doveweed and bull paspalum.

  • Convenient application window without high temperature limitations
  • Reduced risk of significant phytotoxicity at high temperatures
  • Uses 25-75% less active ingredient than other current postemergence herbicides
  • Easy-to-use wettable granule formulation
  • Safe on St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass
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Bayer Celsius WG Product Shot


Bayer Specticle FLO

Take the worry out of lawn weeds

When it comes to keeping warm-season lawns and landscapes looking beautiful, you can count on Specticle® FLO. It's been proven to provide superior preemergence control of troublesome weeds.
  • Broad-spectrum control of broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Extended residual control of Poa Annua
  • Tank-mix flexibility makes it easy to mix with selective herbicides
  • Low use rates results in effective applications with up to 40 times less active ingredient
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Specticle FLO delivers key benefits for weed control solutions.

Todd Sankey, General Manager of the Irving, Texas Office for EarthWorks, Inc. discusses his success with Specticle.

Bayer Specticle G
Up to 6 months of broad-spectrum weed control
  • Can be applied to mulched areas and around ornamentals
  • Protects against more than 90 grassy and broadleaf weeds and annual sedges
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Specticle FLO and Specticle G Chart


One Poa annua plant can produce up to 6,000 seeds, which can remain viable for at least six years.


Celsius WG Logo
Effective on hard-to-control weeds
  • Convenient application window without high temperature limitations
  • Reduced risk of significant phytotoxicity at high temperatures
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Bayer Acclaim Extra Herbicide
Controls crabgrass and goosegrass without harming zoysia
  • Can work in a single application
  • See results in as fast as one week
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Bayer Revolver
Works quickly — even faster in warmer temperatures
  • Control of Poa annua in warm-season turf
  • Goosegrass control and dallisgrass suppression
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Bayer Tribute Total
Controls grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges
  • Controls many annual and perennial grassy weeds, including dallisgrass
  • Effective control of sedges and kyllingas
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Bayer Postemergent Herbicides Chart


Doveweed loves moist areas and tolerates shade very well.


Bayer Specticle Total
Total control of weeds and grasses for up to 6 months
  • Longer residual control, which means lower costs associated with fewer applications
  • Labeled for use near landscape trees and shrubs, excluding areas where young plants will be planted within six weeks after treatment
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See product labels for full list of weeds controlled.


While seeds of most annual weedy grasses die after two or three years, scientists have discovered that some broadleaf weed seeds can remain viable for many decades.

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