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The Science Behind Success:

Preparing for a Winning Season

Touchdown Turf: What it takes to have a winning season in the lawn and landscape industry

Survey reveals lawn and landscape professionals are team players with too few folks on the field.

A recent survey of lawn & landscape professionals underscored what nearly every lawn and landscape company is struggling with – a lack of qualified folks on the field. Read on to learn more about the qualities that build a winning playbook.

According to the survey findings, maintaining strong customer satisfaction doesn’t appear to be a key challenge for lawn and landscape companies.
  • In general, LCOs are very confident: Nearly six in 10 survey respondents noted they have die-hard customers. Others reported having fair weather fans (31 percent) or non-committal fans (11 percent).
  • Smaller companies are particularly confident: Companies with annual revenues below $1M appeared more confident, with 62 percent believing they have “die-hard” customers. Conversely, those with annual revenues above $1M appeared slightly less confident, with 53 percent believing the same.
  • The key challenges for LCOs: To further emphasize a strong confidence level in customer satisfaction, 42 percent of respondents also ranked “an unhappy fan base” as having the least impact on whether or not their business is winning. The challenge with the most impact, according to more than four in 10 respondents, is “a shallow bench” or not enough team members. This was particularly true for companies with 10 or more employees.
While the majority of lawn care companies are satisfied with a loyal customer base, maintaining strong customer loyalty takes time and resources.
"It's about showing up when you're supposed to, being prompt and courteous, and getting to know your customers, their dogs and their kids. It's easy to fire a company. It's hard to fire someone who cares."
Craig Devereaux of Turfmaster Lawn Services
Turfmaster and Bayer Representative
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According to the survey, the ability to build and operate a team likely comes second-nature to lawn and landscape professionals, as an impressive 84 percent of respondents reported that they played a team sport in high school or college.

Yet, despite, this familiarity with building and operating on a team, lawn & landscape professionals are struggling to get the qualified labor they need to win.
"I learned at a very early age what it meant to be disciplined and to be committed to being the best in the business. That discipline doesn't just all-of-a-sudden happen. It happens every time you step on the field."
Jon Cundiff of Weed Man Kansas City
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With labor so tight, it makes sense that respondents also saw “reliability (consistent results)” as the most important product quality by a wide margin. This was especially important in regard to herbicides and fungicides. In fact, reliability outranked price, reputation, speed of control and other key product features.

From agronomic expertise to high-performing products to region-specific training sessions, Bayer agronomic specialists are fully dedicated to arming customers with the tools and expertise they need to win.
"The products work. The coverage is consistent. And consistency is key. I need a product that I can apply to 26,000 different customers and know that it's going to work in all situations."
Rodney St. John, Director of Ryan Lawn & Tree
Ryan Lawn and Tree with Bayer Representative
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Playing too much defense was also a common concern among lawn and landscape professionals. Survey respondents reported that they are typically taking on curative or reactive activities about 37 percent of the time, but they would prefer this took less of their time (closer to 27 percent).

By utilizing innovative solutions and working with agronomic specialists – like the Bayer Green Solutions Team – lawn and landscape professionals can build strong offensive strategies that maximize control and reduce labor.
"For as far back as I can remember, Bayer was the one manufacturer that was in our office regularly – making sure we understood the product line and how to use it. When we need a resource or when we need to ask questions and get a solution, it happens. You get your answers. Bayer has consistently been the best."
Brian Haga of Scientific Plant Service
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