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Scientific Plant Service & Bayer have a collaboration that puts customers first

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No shortcuts, no cutting corners, no excuses.

At the root of that promise is one commitment: service. “It’s in our name.” As owner of Scientific Plant Service (Scientific) headquartered in Baltimore, Brian knows that the best kind of success is a win-win for his company and the customer.

“Their win is a knowledgeable technician using newer, safer products that accomplish their goals with fewer treatments,” Brian says. And that kind of promise takes training – not just in customer service, but in technical proficiency.

At Scientific, Brian manages a large and integrated team of full-service lawn care specialists, certified diagnosticians and state-licensed arborists – many of whom have been in the industry for more than 20 years. And finding ways to maximize that expertise is an important way that Brian ensures every customer gets the best service possible – every time.

“For as far back as I can remember, Bayer was the one manufacturer that was in our office regularly – making sure we understood the product line and how to use it,” Brian says. “Bayer was more in tune with that than any other manufacturer.”

According to Eric Snelsire, the Bayer Area Sales Manager covering Brian’s region, expertise and strong relationships are fundamental elements to the success of any business.

“Customers have to come first,” Eric says. “That’s really the root of why we’re getting up every day. We want them to succeed, because if they succeed, we all succeed. Developing those relationships and providing them with the products and information they need is a big part of helping them do that.”

From Eric’s perspective, empowering customers with expertise is critical – and he sees that same commitment in how Scientific serves its customers.

“Scientific Plant Service is grounded in the science of what they’re doing, and they’re always evaluating their performance to make sure they’re on point,” Eric says. “Their attention to detail is second to none. They care about their customers and always make sure they’re doing the right things. It’s an impressive company.”

For Brian, the choice to commit to excellent service and constant improvement is an easy one – because he cares just as deeply as his customers do about the results.

“They want to come home, take their shoes off and be able to walk outside in bare feet and have a barbecue with the kids and grandkids,” Brian says. “Whether it’s an eighth of an acre or a couple of acres... if we’re hired to do a job, we’re going to come out and do it right.”

He’s reminded of that in the moments that make it all worth it. According to Brian, when you get a call from a couple who took off their flip-flops, thrilled to be walking on a clean slate of turf where they used to have weeds and patches of bare ground, it just feels good. And Eric feels the exact same way about the Bayer relationship with Brian.

“It’s personal,” Eric says. “If it’s not, then I don’t feel like I’m doing my job. Being able to develop relationships is as vital to success in business as it is to being part of a team. People have to know that you care about them. And they have to know you get results.”

According to Brian, dedication to service means that “you don’t take shortcuts” and you commit as a business to invest in “the best product.” It’s a commitment that got him particularly interested in one of the latest innovations from Bayer, Altus® insecticide for landscape ornamentals.

“Innovation at Scientific Plant Service is extremely important. We want to be doing things in the best way, the newest way, the right way,” Brian says. “To be able to apply an insecticide like Altus when a plant is in bloom and being pollinated is huge. That’s a break-through in our industry.”

In addition to some of the newest Bayer innovations, Brian also relies heavily on Merit® insecticide, Armada® fungicide and Acclaim® Extra herbicide – all essential tools within Scientific’s programs.

“We would have a hard time if we didn’t have Acclaim Extra for postemergence crabgrass control up North,” Brian says. “We could use other products, but Acclaim Extra just doesn’t have a good replacement.”

Similarly, Merit is a foundational product for their grub control services. “Merit has been a staple for us since the mid-90s, and it plays a big role in what we’re doing right now,” Brian says. “When we put down Merit, we’re on offense – and we’re not having to play defense in September and October.”

According to Brian, they also use a lot of Armada for tree and shrub care, since the results they’ve seen with it have been particularly impressive. “When we switched our chemistry to Armada for dogwood anthracnose and crabapple scab disease, we were able to spray just twice – and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last ten years,” he says. “Armada saved a lot of trips for our trucks, and we can push out a full 28 days on our cool-season athletic fields.”

While Brian typically sees great results, he also notes that one of the most valuable things about his relationship with Bayer is that if there’s ever an agronomic or technical issue, Eric jumps right on it – utilizing Bayer resources and technical experts to ensure a thorough solution is reached.

“It’s easy to find help,” Brian says. “When we need a resource or when we need to ask questions and get a solution, it happens. You get your answers.” Recently, Brian and a handful of his senior staff members joined several experts at the Bayer Research and Education Facility in Clayton, North Carolina, to discuss key challenges facing the business – including critical topics like managing the emerald ash borer.

“I’ve been doing this a long time and they’ve always brought people to the table who know more than I do,” Brian says. “The resources are there. Bayer has consistently been the best.”
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