Tank Mixes: Don’t Assume All Components are Compatible

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Tank mixes are getting more and more complicated as turf professionals attempt to reduce the number of applications due to labor concerns and to limit disruption in play. Do not assume all new products, or at least new to you, are compatible with other components. Following are some quick highlights:

  • Can I use irrigation water to fill the tank? - likely “yes”, if your irrigation water is well water or city water. Likely “no”, if your irrigation water is effluent or from streams or run-off
  • Ideal spray tank pH? - usually near neutral (7) to slightly acidic (5-6) is the ideal pH, consider buffering agents prior to adding components if dramatically different
  • Can I add components directly to the tank? – premixing in a 5-gallon bucket or the sprayer’s premix tank is much preferred
  • Best order for adding components when Signature™ XTRA®  is included in the tank mix?
    • This is based largely on personal experience and the products to be included
    • The rule of thumb is to use the following order:
      • Add all other pesticides including growth regulators
      • Add Signature® Xtra Stressgard®
      • Add wetting agents
      • Lastly add fertilizers/micronutrients
      • Signature XTRA Stressgard reduces the pH so it’s important to add it after other pesticides and PGR’s to ensure they are in solution first
      • Depending on the pH sensitivity of other products going into the tank, there are superintendents that effectively add Signature XTRA Stressgard first
  • If in doubt perform a jar test – especially when using formulations or combinations where you have little experience. Use ratios of water and components similar to what would actually go in the tank
  • Does warm water help dissolve products? warm to hot water in the premix tank or bucket is a proven way to dissolve WDG, WP, and other dry formulations
  • The filters on my new sprayer plug more often now than with my old sprayer – check the filter mesh size since newer sprayers may be equipped with finer mesh screens
  • How long will Bayer’s products last in a spray tank? – all products should be applied within hours of mixing, but pH is the critical determinant in stability of formulations in a tank. See the attached Green Solutions Update for a complete listing of the stability of Bayer’s active ingredients
  • More information - see the attached Bayer Green Solutions Update and contact your Bayer Area Sales Manager if you need assistance 

Tank Mixes

A five minute jar test with all of the components in approximate ratios including spray volume, may save hours in cleaning the sprayer with the combinations like on the left (Bayer).

  Green Solutions Update: Common Questions About Tank Mixes
Zac Reicher

by Zac Reicher , Ph.D., Green Solutions Team Specialist

Tuesday, June 29, 2021