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Controlling annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) is brutal. Multiple generations, insecticide resistance, and rapidly expanding infestations play into its difficulty. Targeting this pest early in the spring is critical, here’s how:

  • Adult movement – adult ABW overwinter in surrounding wooded areas and move to turf in the spring (around forsythia bloom), laying as many as 90 eggs per female. Controlling adults with quick acting adulticides like synthetic pyrethroids can be a critical component in limiting seasonal populations.
  • 1st generation larvae - as eggs hatch, the 1st generation larvae cause the primary damage to turf stands as they quickly complete their life cycle both inside and outside of the grass plant. Applications of an effective larvicide now will control current larvae and reduce much of the population later in the summer
  • Tetrino™ - after a full year of highly successful on-course trials and several years of nationwide university research, this exciting new tool for insect control on golf courses is now becoming available to superintendents. Tetrino is highly effective in controlling ABW larvae at all stages. Tetrino not only sets a new standard for ABW control but has also shown excellent long-term control of other important pests like white grubs, damaging caterpillars like cutworms and fall armyworms, billbugs, and chinch bugs. Stay tuned for more information on this game-changing solution.
  • More information – Always refer to the label for specific recommendations. Contact your Bayer area sales manager if you need assistance Tetrino is federally registered and is currently in the process of receiving state registrations. It will be officially available for purchase this summer. To learn more and to see when your state comes online, visit Always refer to the label for specific recommendations. Contact your Bayer area sales manager for more information

    ABW in soil 

    Larvae of annual bluegrass weevil (Bayer) .

Paul Giordano

by Paul Giordano , Ph.D., Green Solutions Team Specialist

Sunday, April 25, 2021