Signature XTRA

Get golf greens that rock!

Live on the Golf Greens Main Stage – Signature™ XTRA Stressgard<sup>®</sup>

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Signature XTRA


The ultimate stress-free experience in turf health
Playing all the hits – 25 years and still rockin

Disease control • Drought stress reduction • Improved rooting • Increased chlorophyll content • Improved traffic tolerance • Shade tolerance • Reduced heat stress • Peace of mind

Performing on The Fairway Side Stage–
The performances you’d expect from potassium phosphites

Fiata® Stressgard • Appear® with Pigment • Appear® II with Even More Pigment • The K+ Ferts • The Generics Cover Bands • The Snake Oils • Phytotox & The Tip Burns feat. pHeruca Salt • The Fool pHiters • Phite or Phlight • The Mediocres • N.P.K. • The PHAT Phites • And more

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