Nematode Control

Indemnify – The next-generation nematicide

Indemnify® is an innovative nematicide that offers control of key nematodes on warm- and cool‑season grasses. It improves root growth and overall turfgrass health, translating to better playability with improved wear tolerance.

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How Indemnify works
Fluopyram, the active ingredient in Indemnify, blocks nematodes' cellular respiration and limits their ability to produce energy. The energy-drained nematodes straighten out and become paralyzed. They stop feeding on roots and eventually die.
  • Controls root-feeding nematodes such as sting, stunt, root-knot and the foliar-feeding Anguina pacificae, a problem of Poa annua greens in California
  • Simple application without course closure – just spray and water into root zone within 24 hours
  • Delivers long-lasting residual in the root zone
  • Positively impacts root health and length, helping to improve turfgrass quality and density
  • Flexible timing integrates well with turf maintenance programs throughout the year
  • Can be applied on all turfgrass species
Indemnify Grass Roots
Preferred application timing
  • Use in the fall to control nematodes and optimize root health prior to dormancy or to ensure healthy roots during semi-dormancy
  • Use in spring to control nematodes and ensure normal green-up and transition of turfgrass
  • Use Indemnify anytime of the year when symptoms surface
Before and After Indemnify Treatment

Tifdwarf bermudagrass green on June 22, 2016, nine months after a curative spot treatment of four applications at 0.39 fl. oz. with Indemnify in late summer (August - September).

Before and After Nematode Treatment

Champion bermudagrass green on February 5, 2016, two months after a curative spot treatment of two applications at 0.39 fl. oz. with Indemnify in the fall (November - December).

The results speak for themselves. See what superintendents are saying about Indemnify.
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Indemnify controls nematodes on golf course turf, which in turn, improves plant health, drives roots deeper and helps to conserve water. See why golf course superintendents are giving Indemnify high accolades.

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