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Dr. Adam Dale and Dr. JC Chong - Managing Bermudagrass Mites

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Bermudagrass stunt mites are emerging at an alarming pace throughout southern golf courses, as highlighted in a recent survey conducted by the University of Florida. Researchers at Clemson University (Dr. JC Chong) and University of Florida (Dr. Adam Dale) are teaming up to discuss what is known about this pest to date, cultural management strategies and insecticide strategies for controlling mites in bermudagrass turf. In addition, Mathew Brown, current Ph.D. student with Dr. Chong, is studying bermudagrass mites and will present some of his research findings.

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Dr. Jim Kerns - Developing an Effective Fungicide Strategy

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Dr. Kerns, Turfgrass Pathology Professor and Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University, conducts research on diseases and nematodes of warm-season and cool-season turf in the transition zone. This unique region is a hot bed for turfgrass diseases and an excellent proving ground for effective fungicide programs. Dr. Kerns has assisted golf course superintendents across the southeast with their fungicide programs. Based on cutting edge research and proven solutions, this seminar will focus on disease prevention through the use of well-timed fungicide applications and “programs” for success.

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Dr. Patrick McCullough and Laurence Mudge - Herbicide Resistance Management

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Herbicide resistance is trending upwards on golf courses, making once effective programs obsolete. However, resistance is preventable if superintendents become aware of its occurrence and strategies that can be used to prolong the life of currently available herbicides. Dr. Patrick McCullough, University of Georgia Professor, has conducted weed management research and evaluated herbicides for many years. He will be discussing how resistance occurs, herbicide characteristics and usage associated with weed resistance and developing programs to delay the onset of herbicide resistance. Laurence Mudge, Bayer Technical Service Support Manager, will moderate this discussion and share some unique perspectives from his 35+ year career.

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Dr. Billy Crow - Effectively Managing Nematodes

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Plant-parasitic nematodes are among the most elusive and destructive turfgrass pests on southern golf courses. Dr. Billy Crow, University of Florida Landscape Nematologist, has spent more than two decades studying nematode management in turf. While we still have a lot to learn about their biology, Dr. Crow has extensively evaluated management programs for nematodes on golf courses. Learn about the most destructive nematodes as well as their life cycles, biology, chemical controls and management strategies that enhance turf growth.

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Dr. Rick Brandenburg - What Lies Beneath

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

There are several subterranean insects that cause problems for golf course superintendents in the south. Mole crickets live within the soil and can cause major issues from their foraging activities. Others, such as grubs and fire ants are more subtle. Dr. Rick Brandenburg is a distinguished professor, author and lecturer from North Carolina State University and a turfgrass entomologist expert. Participants will learn new information about insect ecology for soil pests that is critical for developing effective management programs. They will also learn about available products for soil insect pest management and develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each..

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Dr. Bert McCarty and Laurence Mudge - Controlling Troublesome Weeds

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Weeds and turf oftentimes go hand in hand, especially in the warm and humid conditions of the south. Learn from award-winning and distinguished turfgrass weed expert, Dr. Bert McCarty (Clemson University Turfgrass Science Professor) on how to manage difficult weeds in turf. Laurence Mudge is Bayer’s Technical Service Support Manager and has spent his 35+ year career developing effective weed management programs and will moderate this discussion. Presentation topics include: understanding weed biology and life cycles, manipulating turfgrass agronomic and herbicide practices to prevent weed populations shifts to more difficult-to-control or herbicide resistant weeds and renovating without glyphosate. This seminar will also cover the latest research on the most prolific weeds such as Poa annua, goosegrass and tropical signalgrass.

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Dr. Bruce Martin - Everything Fairy Ring

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

Fairy rings can be a major problem for golf course superintendents and can persist in the same areas from year to year. Dr. Bruce Martin is one of the most renowned turfgrass pathologists, having spent 30 years as a researcher at Clemson University. Managing fairy rings requires an understanding of the pathogens and the environmental conditions that favor disease. This seminar will focus on the fungi that cause fairy ring, as well as cultural practices and fungicide programs to reduce disease occurrence.

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Dr. Phil Harmon - Getting Through the Dog Days of Summer in Florida

To those who participated in the webinar with Dr. Phil Harmon on Wednesday, June 17, we seriously apologize for the unanticipated technology issues. The Sunshine Series will continue, but moving forward extra measures will be taken to prevent interruptions. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see your participation in future Sunshine Series webinars.

Dr. Bryan Unruh and Todd Lowe - Summer Cultivation Practices

(Note: Participants must attend the live sessions in order to earn credits.)

It takes a host of cultural practices to create excellent bermudagrass playing surfaces. Not the least of these involves soil cultivation. Learn common soil/thatch issues that occur on Florida golf courses, how they affect turf growth and cultivation programs to address them. Dr. Bryan Unruh, University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Professor, and Todd Lowe, Bayer Technical Services Manager (former USGA agronomist), have decades of experience developing effective soil cultivation programs for Florida golf course superintendents. We intend for this to be an interactive seminar, sharing tips for success, concerns and things to avoid. 

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