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Get immediate product discounts and rebates on the leading portfolio of innovative lawn care and turf solutions.
From August 1 - September 30, 2021, the NOW Solutions program offers four ways to save on the products you need now to turn busy into beautiful:

// Volume discounts // Tier rebates

// Select product rebates // Pairing rebates

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Save on essential and innovative lawn and turf products.

// Indemnify® | Golf |
Works to control nematodes while improving root health.

// Revolver® | Lawn | Golf |
Offers annual grassy weed control in warm season turf.


// Specticle® G | Lawn | Golf |
The longest-lasting bed weed control solution on the market.

// Celsius® XTRA *NEW* | Lawn | Golf |
The trusted broadleaf weed control of Celsius® with the added control of sedges.

Pair these products for greater control and savings.

// Interface® Stressgard® | Golf |
Helps to fight dollar spot, leaf spot and snow mold.
// Mirage® Stressgard® | Golf |
Works against patch diseases, fairy ring and snow mold.
Purchase six jugs of Interface Stressgard and two jugs of Mirage Stressgard and receive a 5% rebate on your purchase via My Bayer Rewards points.

// Banol® | Lawn | Golf |
Protects turf from Pythium.
// Chipco® Signature | Golf |
Offers improved plant health and anthracnose control.
// Signature® XTRA Stressgard® | Golf |
Provides improved plant health, reduced oxidative stress and anthracnose control.
Purchase 24 jugs of Signature XTRA Stressgard or three jugs of Chipco Signature and four jugs of Banol and receive a 2.5% rebate on your purchase via My Bayer Rewards points.

// Specticle® FLO | Lawn | Golf |
The longest-lasting preemergence solution for warm season turf.
// Tribute® Total | Lawn | Golf |
Diverse late-season weed control or fall weed control when used in combination with Specticle FLO.
Purchase 2 jugs of Specticle FLO and 6 bottles of Tribute Total and receive a $45 per unit rebate on your Tribute Total purchase via My Bayer Rewards points.

// TetrinoTM *NEW* | Lawn | Golf |
Get fast-acting, flexible, season-long control of white grubs, annual bluegrass weevils and other turf-damaging insects.
// Densicor® *NEW* | Golf |
The one-solution approach to managing dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, gray leaf spot, snow mold and other harmful diseases.
Purchase four or more bottles of either Tetrino or Densicor plus at least one bottle of the other product (Tetrino or Densicor) and receive a 5% rebate on your purchase via My Bayer Rewards points.

Now Solutions products count towards EOP Purchase Tier Rebate*

Total Purchases

Base Incentive

October Bonus

Base + Bonus Incentive

























*Must be registered in My Bayer Rewards and accept current Terms and Conditions to participate. Customer Fall Solutions and NOW Solutions promotional cumulative purchases (August 1 - December 6, 2021) must be $5,000 or more to qualify for Purchase Tier Rebate. New members signed up before December 31, 2021 will receive 2021 Fall Solutions rebates. All rebates for 2021 Fall Solutions will be paid in points, which can be redeemed for thousands of catalog items, distributor credits and/or company checks (no checks can be issued to a third party). All products must be invoiced between August 1 and December 6, 2021 to qualify. Please allow for rebates to be fulfilled by July 31, 2022. Only end-user purchases qualify for this program, and purchases must be from a Bayer authorized Distributor or Agent. Resale of product(s) purchased within this program will not qualify for rebates.

To learn more, contact your distributor representative or click below to select products and calculate your savings.

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