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Break away from the PAK mentality

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Go with your instincts – discover Bayer Flex Solutions

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This fall, break away from the PAK to find the best solutions for your turf. Have the freedom to pick only the products you want. See rates, recommendations and savings all in one place.

Bayer Flex Solutions lets you pick the products you want and more

  • Intuitive platform helps you easily find solutions and savings.
  • Pick only the products you want – search product solutions based on your growing area, turf and acreage.
  • Rebate finder takes you to the savings – look for the blue tags to see recommendations and tips.
  • See the solutions your peers are using.
  • Use the pest finder to search pest solutions.
  • Easy access to pricing, customer support and product information.
  • Work with your network of trusted advisors for recommendations and support throughout the ordering process.