Maxforce<sup>®</sup> Impact<sup>®</sup> Cleans Large Cockroaches from Sanitary Sewers

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by Dr. John Paige III, Senior Scientist, Pest Management & Public Health, Bayer Environmental Science

Maxforce Impact is a reduced-risk product perfect for modern cockroach bait rotation strategies and is free of all the Big 8 allergens. The efficacy of Maxforce Impact against German cockroaches is well-known, but Maxforce Impact is also effective against multiple species of large cockroaches such as American, oriental and smoky brown cockroaches.

Maxforce Impact is labeled for use in typical areas such as schools, healthcare facilities, food processing areas, and multi-unit housing. But Maxforce Impact is also one of the only products on the market labeled for use in sanitary sewers.

Recent research shows not only how effective this product is at controlling large cockroach species in sanitary sewers, but also how complaint calls inside buildings associated with those sewer systems can be minimized.

Sanitary sewer systems at a major resort in the Central Florida area were inspected and treated with Maxforce Impact. Counts of American cockroaches were conducted, and the complaint calls inside the buildings also were tracked.



// Photo 1. Bait spots placed ca. 2 inches (5 cm) below the lid of the sanitary sewer.
(Refer to the Maxforce product label for complete application directions and restrictions.)


Perhaps, most important, the number of complaint calls for large cockroaches inside the resort buildings dropped drastically. In fact, there was not one single call for extra services for large cockroach activity during the trial.

The results of this research demonstrate that while most people think of Maxforce Impact as a reduced-risk gel bait ideal for German cockroach rotational strategies, it is also labeled for sanitary sewers, is effective against large cockroaches, and can make PMPs more efficient by reducing the requests for callbacks and extra services.




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