Fall savings

2021 Fall Savings Program

Take on Pests With Confidence

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We know you never compromise when it comes to protecting your customers, and choosing the right products is half the battle.

From September 1 to October 31, we're celebrating our fall promotion with big savings on our trusted pest control products. This year, we're also offering a new incentive: If you spend over $5,000 during the promotion, you will get a free six-month Bayer Rodent Monitoring System (RMS) subscription,* which allows you to monitor traps 24/7, build value for your customers and extract additional profitability.

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The Bayer RMS is a wireless, tireless network of high-tech sensors that provide 24/7 rodent monitoring and real-time rodent program verification.

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  • Leverage automation to enhance the quality of your entire service
  • Monitor 24/7 and get real-time capture alerts
  • Shift your time from checking empty traps to enhanced IPM inspections, corrective actions and preventative measures

Explore RMS Benefits

Contact your Bayer distributor to save now.

*This offer covers any Rodent Monitoring System up to 100 sensors + up to two gateways + Digital Pest Management platform and app for a single site. (This is approximately $2,500 in free subscription fees for a PMP to take full advantage of real-time monitoring.)

Program is limited to one system and site per company. Available tor new site installations only. Discount applicable on fully executed contracts only. License, terms and conditions for RMS are applicable. RMS systems operate on 36-month agreements, of which the first six months wilI be covered by this program. RMS subscription pricing will start on the seventh month of service. For example, a 100-sensor system with two gateways incur a monthly subscription fee of $455 per month. Coverage of RMS promotion includes applicable subscription, platform costs and support. Qualifying PMPs must purchase appropriate multicatch, snap trap or bait stations compatible with RMS. This is a limited offer, while supplies last.