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Broadform 12 oz.

Agency Price: $192.00/bottle*

To redeem, growers will complete a simple online form and provide a copy of their invoice. Free product will be shipped to the grower by Bayer. Purchased Broadform will count toward Let’s Grow! incentive.

*Agency pricing for all states except CA & WA.

Broadform provides outstanding foliar disease

control of Botrytis and other leaf spot pathogens.

Now you can get both knockdown and long-lasting residual protection in one bottle. Broadform contains fluopyram, an SDHI fungicide with a low risk potential for cross resistance compared to other SDHI fungicides. In a recent university study, over 400 different isolates of Botrytis were screened for sensitivity to fungicides and over 99.5% were sensitive to Broadform.* In other words, it’s not just another fungicide.

// Outstanding Botrytis control using 4 oz./100 gal.

// Excellent for resistance management

// Up to 30 days of disease control

// Labeled for control of over 50 disease pathogens

// Systemic movement into flower bud tissue

// Helps prevent dieback and tip blight diseases

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*Oliviera, M.S., Amiri, A., Zuniga, A.I., and N.A. Peres. 2017. Sources of primary inoculum of Botrytis cinerea and their impact on fungicide resistance development in commercial strawberry fields. Plant Disease. 101: 1761-1768