Barile@Bayer Introduces the Bayer Pest Practices Team!

March 2016


With the New Year, comes new opportunities as well as new challenges. To help you tackle even the most difficult pest issues, we’ve assembled a team of Bayer technical experts to share best practices and provide answers to some of our industry’s toughest questions.


For the past several years, I've leveraged this column to share practical tips & tricks for PMPs based on my 30 years of industry experience and from lessons learned through talking with all of you. This year you’ll get that and much more as we introduce three other experts on the Bayer technical team.


Our experts, John Paige III, Byron Reid, Kurt Vandock and I will interpret the latest research, industry studies and university findings and turn it all into easy-to understand, real-world solutions for today’s PMP.


The Bayer Pest Practices Team is also ready with personal insights and ideas to help you increase productivity, profitability and safety for both you and the people who rely on you to keep their homes and businesses pest-free.


Content will include bi-monthly e-news columns, timely tips on our @bayerpestpro twitter feed, “on the job” videos and more.


Make sure to stay tuned for their first bi-monthly column and be on the lookout for more information on in the future.


Have a Topic Idea?

We’re always open to suggestions for new columns. Tweet your suggestions to@bayerpestpro, using the #pestpracticesteam hashtag, and we may address them in one of our bi-monthly columns!

Joe Barile

by Joe Barile , BCE, Technical Service Lead; PPM/Vector

Tuesday, March 01, 2016